Sales of fishes

Subject of sales

Main subject of sales of Regional school economy České Budějovice for region of fishery is sales of fishes. Main sale commodity is common carp (leather, scaly) and secondary fishes (grass carp, bighead carp, silver carp white, tench, roach, pike, zander, perch, wels catfish, rainbow trout, brook trout, etc.). Secondary sales commodity are services related to fishery (transport of fishes, fishing out of fishes, consultancy, etc.).


Wholesale is done in maximum possible way in the form of direct whole year sale to the countries of EU including arranging of transport of fishes to concrete purchaser (transport of fishes till 3,5 tons LUV in quantity 5 – 10 q, transport of fishes by means of trasport above 12 t in quantity 20 – 121 q). Farming of fishes at Regional school economy České Budějovice has complete certification and fullfills the highest norms from point of view of veterinary – hygiene directions for countries of EU.

Retail - Permanent sale points

Fish tanks Kestřany

Fish tanks Čejetice

Headquarters Protivín

Fish tanks Hrbov


date of beginning: 6th Feb 2015

  • sales of live fishes including processing
  • opening hours: every Friday from 12:00 till 16:00 o´clocks

Seasonal sale

  • • sale of live fishes including processing
  • • Easter, Christmass according to corresponding callendar year
  • • Sundays fishing outs according to plans of fishing outs (pond Podroužek, Selibovský, Rabiň)

date of beginning: according to corresponding calendar year, list of fishing outs of ponds

Price list of live fishes

Valid from 12th Dec 2014. Price is stated for 1kg.

Kind of fish Big consumer (vithout VAT) Small customer (vithout VAT)
carp selection 62 Kč 90 Kč
carp class 58 Kč 80 Kč
market tench 85 Kč 100 Kč
market pike 220 Kč 290 Kč
market pike perch 290 Kč 390 Kč
market catfish 155 Kč 195 Kč
market grass carp 65 Kč 90 Kč
market silver carp 26 Kč 40 Kč
market perch 125 Kč 180 Kč
white fish 35 Kč 45 Kč
carp II.nd class   35 Kč
carp III.rd class   12 Kč
market trout   130 Kč
market brook trout   130 Kč

VAT 15%

Transport 3 CZK / kg

When buying above 2500 kg per year the prices can be set up individually.

Processing of fishes

Building for processing fishes in Čejetice was constructed in year 2015 for purpose to improve practical education of pupils and students of Secondary fishery school and Higher specialized school of water management and ecology Vodňany. The building meets all current hygiene and technical norms for so specialized operation, where common fishery activities meet with practical education of pupils and students. We can say in a simplified way, that this building has classical professional equipment, which is adjusted in capacity and technically to main activity of Regional school economy České Budějovice, which is education.

Teoretical preparation prevents practical education in frame of subject Processing of fishes, as a main guarantor of transfer of current and innovative procedures and methods, related to this area. Pupils in Čejetice acquire practical knowledge when processing fishes and get to know needed documentation, like are operational instructions or System of risk analysis and setting of critical points HACCP in production of food. These accompany operation of each processing of fishes. This is done under supervision of employees of Regional school economy or Secondary fishery school Vodňany. Final product of processing fishes can be fish in phase of trunks, halves or fillets and these either in form of freely lied – on ice, or vacuum-packed – provided with label, including all necessary data according to law.

Pricelist of processed fishes

Valid from 15th February 2016. Price is per 1 kg.

Kind of fish Retail Sale Comment
Carp cooled halved 159 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp cooled halved VAC 165 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp disembowelled cooled with head 120 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp disembowelled cooled with head VAC 125 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp fillet cooled 260 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp fillet cooled VAC 265 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp heads cooled 25 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp heads cooled VAC 30 Kč Čejetice, Protivín whole year
Carp viscera 190 Kč Čejetice, Protivín seasonal
Carp viscera VAC 195 Kč Čejetice, Protivín seasonal
Grass carp cooled VAC 160 Kč  Čejetice, Protivín seasonal
Silver carp cooled VAC 95 Kč  Čejetice, Protivín seasonal
Pike perch cooled VAC 395 Kč  Čejetice, Protivín seasonal
Pike cooled VAC 310 Kč  Čejetice, Protivín seasonal
Tench cooled VAC 175 Kč Čejetice, Protivín seasonal


Based on telephone agreement whole year delivery of processed fishes is possible according to current offer (cooled vacuum-packed, cooled freely laid on ice).

Offer of products and services of affiliated forestry production

Wood production

  • boards, planks, prisms chevron, laths (spruce, pine)
  • non-standard timber lengths of (+ 6m – 10m)
  • fuel coniferous and broad-leaved


  • fee hunting of roe deer animals
  • fee hunting of wild boar animals
  • fee hunting of pheasants

Tree nursery production

  • bare seedlings of slender spruce
  • bare seedlings of pine tree
  • bare seedlings of winter oak
  • bare seedlings of forest beech

Sales of fishes


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