KSH farm in Forest economy wholes (LHC) School forest district Hůrky and School forest district Vimperk, which are owned by South Bohemia Region.

LHC Hůrky is spread out in cadastral area Smrkovice, Selibov, Maletice, Heřmaň, Putim, near Písek. Prevailing woody plant is spruce, pine and douglas. Portion of broad-leaved woody plants is 14 % from whole reserve. Generic representation is very various and demanding for raising. According to geomorphological division it belongs to are of Southbohemian pelvics. For realization of scientific tasks there was in past established 12 experimental and research areas. Economy on them is done in accordance with requirements of Forestry and Game Management Institute.

LHC Vimperk is spread out in cadastral area Arnoštka, Pravětín, Vimperk, Skláře and Veselka south from city Vimperk. As for kinds there are 90 % representation of coniferous trees and 10 % of broad-leaved. According to geomorphological classification it belongs to area Šumava. Whole LHC is put in area of CHKO Šumava. Significant part of forest cover is damaged by peeling and gnaff off caused by deer and mouflon animals from term of 60´s and 70´s years of last century.

Gained wood is sold mainly to local purchasers and part is processed in saw operation Na Hůrkách. Portion of soil improving and making firmer woody plants when foresting is more than 30 % from whole amount of seedlings. Significant part of renewal of cover is natural renewal of douglas at LHC Hůrky and spruce at LHC Vimperk.

praxe kvetenpraxe brezennase lesy

Offer of products and services of affiliated forestry production.

Wood processing

  • boards, planks, prisms chevron, laths (spruce, pine)
  • non-standard timber lengths of (+ 6m – 10m)
  • fuel coniferous and broad-leaved


  • fee hunting of roe deer animals
  • fee hunting of wild boar animals
  • fee hunting of pheasants

Tree nursery production

  • bare seedlings of slender spruce
  • bare seedlings of pine tree
  • bare seedlings of winter oak
  • bare seedlings of forest beech

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