KSH is significant producer of fishes in the whole Czech republic. It farms on 236 ponds with the whole area 1434 ha, which are owned by Jihočeský region. In the normal year production the major part is common carp scaly and leather. Important part of production are also other kinds of fishes like are zander, pike, tench, catfish, grass carp, silver carp, and smaller amount of white fish.

The biggest part of production is decided for sale during Christmass time. The rest part is being delivered to local and foreign purchasers during whole year. In the whole area are included also ponds, which are owned by state and where competence of management belongs to Agency of protection of nature and countryside ČR. This relates to ponds in PR Zelendárky, pond Koubovský, Velký Potočný, Skalský and Řežabinec.

With respect to a different kind of farming, which preffers strict terms of protecting rare and endangered species of plants and animals, which appears at these pond systems, workers of fishing centers in cooperation with specialists from AOPK proof, that extensive farming under these conditions is possible despite of more organizational and economically demanding conditions.

Information about our fishes

Kapr obecný

Common carp

Cyprinus carpio

Common carp can be rightly considered as the most significant fish of our and european fish farming. With regard to long term tradition of farming common carp on our territory reach out to 11. till 12. centruries, there has been breed gradually optimal races which demonstrates excellent grow and qualitative signs. Semi-intenzive farming based on high portion of natural food guarantees balanced contents of fat in fish muscle (4 – 6 %), outstanding senzor characteristics and finally high racio of omega 3 fat acids, which works as a prevention of cardio-vascular illnesses.


Amur bílý

Grass carp

Ctenopharyngodon idella

This not original carp fish, which origin is in southeast Asia, was imported to us in year 1961 and nowadays already creates essential part of polycultural fish tanks with common carp. With its food focuse it can successfully help in biology betterment of too much overgrown water areas. Meat tastes very well, with less amount of muscle bones, characteristic white colour and typical effect of „peeling“. From fat contents point of view belongs meat of grass carp among less fat, with contents of fat 4 – 6 %. Normal market size is 1,8 – 5 kg.


Lín obecný


Tinca tinca

Tench belongs among our origin carp fishes, liked not only by sport fishermen, but also by Czech fishponds men. Thanks to its food specialization it can penetrate into coast macrophytes and maximally utilize food offer in whole spectre of pond bottom. Its tasty meat with balanced fat contents (2 – 4 %) is unjustly ignored by czech consumers and in opposite long term valued by foreigner purchasers. Average weight of market fishes is in the range of 0,35 – 0,5 kg.


Štika obecná


Esox lucius

In pond farming is this predatory fresh water fish valued not only for its biosoil improvement function, but also as a very valuable farming specie. Its mea tis very tasty, crisp, of white colour, with low contents of fat approx. 2 %. Average weight of market fishes is in range of 1 - 3 kg.


Candát obecný


Sander lucioperca

Zander is considered to be one of the most valuable supplementary fishes in carp ponds. Its higher demands on water quality or careful manipulation reflect also his higher market price. In ponds it effectively helps to control overpopulated weedy fishes, but in relationship with pike they do not compete in this. Zander hunts mainly in deeper parts more far away from coast line and perfectly supplies other predatory fishes by this. Its meat has the best taste, and that is why it is in gastronomy considered to be exclusive materiál with average contents of fat 2 – 3 %. Avarage weight of market fishes varries in the range of 0,8 – 3 kg.


Sumec velký

Wels catfish

Silurus glanis

We can put wels catfish among our the biggest fresh water fishes. Similarly like other predator fishes it is in ponds economy farmed like one of valuable supplementary fishes. Its muscles contain higher representation of fat in opposite to majority of farmed fresh water fishes (8 – 10 %). Previously mentioned characteristics predetermine meat of wels catfish mainly for treatment like grilling, smoking, or other ways of processing. Average weight of market fishes is in the range of 3 – 8 kg.



Bighead carp

Aristichthys nobilis

Home of this fresh water fish is China. After second world war was introduced into former Soviet Union and consequently in mid sixty years of twenty century into Czechoslovakia. In ponds is bighead carp farmed in polycultural fish tanks with other normaly farmed kinds of fishes, where it can filter out food through its gills apparatus, which means planktonofag. Bighead carp has gentle white meat with higher contents of fat (8 – 14 %). Thanks to it it is perfectly suited to smoking, grilling, preparation of fish burgers or roasting with herbs and vine. Ideal market weight is in range of 2 – 4 kg.

Okoun říční


Perca fluviatilis

In past perch was in ponds unjustly considered to be less valuable weed fish. But recently the situation is changing and is by all gourmets valued and considered to be extraordinary quality and tasty fish kind. This of course reflects increased demand in European market, where in past hold secondary position. Meat of perch can be qualitatively compared to exklusive zander, which means not only to minimal contents of fat (2 – 3 %), but also to structure, colour and excellent taste. Usual market weight is approximately 0,1 – 0,3 kg.


Pstruh duhový

Rainbow trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Nowadays in our country domesticated rainbow trout belongs among our non original kinds of fishes, its origin is in area of Alaska, or British Columbia. In our territory was brought at the end of 19th century from Germany. In conditions of Regional school economy České Budějovice is this fish farmed on natural food (food fishes) with minimal use of supplementary granule feed. This reflects increased quality and taste of meat in comparison with fish depended completely on granule feed. Average contents of fat in muscles varies in between of 2 – 4 %. Normal market weight is approximately 0,25 – 0,35 kg.


Plotice obecná


Rutilus rutilus

Roach is a typical kind of white fish. This supplementary fish is in ponds started growing mainly as a source of natural feed for farmed predátory kinds of fishes. In some European countries is started growing into sport districts, or next processed to tasty salads or other fish products.

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