Practical education and specialized training of pupils and students of Higher specialized forestry school and Secondary forestry school and school of Bedřich Schwarzenberg in Písek takes place in forest cover, saw operation building, tree nursery and classes in building of School forest district Hůrky. There are practical subject excercises lead by teachers of specialized subjects, individual and operational practices lead by teachers of specialized subjects, masters of specialized training, instructors of school forest district and project individual practices lead by teachers of practice. Pupils and students practically train and verify theoretical knowledge obtained during education of subject growing forests, economy treatment of forests, mining of wood, economy, game management, processing of wood and mechanization of LH.

They obtain basic skills when working with hand tools during forestation, pruning, mowing and protecting of young forest vegetation. They pass course work with chainsaw. In september this year the school obtained harvestor and set for carrying out, which enlarges next possibilities of application of graduates in practice. On a school forest district in Vimperk run practices of students of II. year of VOŠL focused on practical tasks of forester. At the end of school year run practical parts of school leaving exams of students of IV. years and final practical exams of students of VOŠL. In case, when the pupils during practice do productive work, they have right for reward in accordance with valid provision of School law. Employees of KŠH, which take part in practical education of pupils, have to pass appropriate education courses. Pupils and students are in school forest district practically each day in a school year.

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The present of the school

The school has 61 stable employees. School education is ensured by 27 qualified teachers (from them 2x Doc., 3x Dr./Ph.-D./CSc., 23x Mgr./Ing./Ph.Dr.), in pupils dormitory work 9 educators (including main educator). Operation of the school and pupils dormitory ensures next 25 employees – head of operation-economy section, facility manager of buildings and premises, salary accountant, operation accountant, secretary, librarian, study clerk, head of school canteen, cooks, two school caretakers, gardener, and gatekeeper.

School uses complete premises which takes area of 2,4 ha in suburbs of St. Vaclav of city Písek, very well communicatively accessible (close proximity of road circle around city and railway station), in which are individual buildings of the school: building of secondary forestry school with extension of so called „pavilion“, building of Higher specialized forestry school, building of youth home, building of gym, building of school canteen with large hall. Buildings of school, pavilion and youth home are mutually connected by covered corridors, they constitute one functional complex.

Four fifths of school area is covered by green. Major part of it is school arboretum – botanical garden specialized on trees and bushes, with well maintained park arrangement, in year 2008 it was proclaimed to be a cultural sight.

Specialized practice and trainings of pupils is realized in frame of Regional school economy – center School forest district Hůrky (forest economy whole Hůrky with area of 652 ha is far from school approx. 5 km). There is all background for practical education of pupils in forestry disciplines, in game management and saw operation.

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