Practical education and specialized training of pupils of Secondary fishery school and of Higher specialized school of water management and ecology (SRŠ and VOŠVHE) in Vodňany runs in two forms which are educational practice and specialized practice. Practice is lead by teacher of SRŠ and VOŠVHE and employees of operation of fishery centers of KŠH help during methodical leading of pupils like instructors. Practice takes place at fish tanks and ponds and covers all activities of fishery operation according to seasonal, climate and biological needs of fish farming.

Next ares of practical education is maintenance of ponds, fish tanks, mechanization, tools, nets and other aids. Very exacting part of practice are fishing outs of ponds, where are practically tought each technologies of fishing outs, sorting, weighting and distribution of fishes. In case, where pupils during practice do productive work, they are entitled to get for this work reward in accordance with valid provision of School law. Employees of KŠH, which take part on practical education of pupils, are obliged to pass appropriate education courses. Education by practice at KŠH takes approximately fifty percent from annual timetable of education for first untill fourth class of fishery school.

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History and today of the school

Founding of the specialized fishery school significantly deserved mainly Vácslav Josef Štěpán supported by other figures (Josef Šusta, Ing. Václav Šusta, Dr. Theodor Mokrý, and others). Need for establishing the school was heard from year 1898 mainly through Southbohemia fishery association, and after that Country fishery unity. Significant was offer of lands and financial guarantees for establishing the school from city Vodňany (mayor Ferdinand Mašek). These trials for a short time delayed 1st world war.

Evolution of the school

  • founded in year 1920
  • the first four years of education took place in a city hall building
  • from September 1924 the teaching was in new building
  • in year 1921 was started building of ponds on School experimental place, which serves for practical education of pupils
  • education – school was untill year 1953 two years (master´s) and from year 1947 four years
  • in year 1953 there was created fishery company – School fishery Protivín (1435 ha), where pupils´ practices take place – school run its economy on own pond districts Blanice 3 and Gold stream.
  • in time period between of wars the school was closely connected with Research station and Central fishery unity – the school had untill year 1992 scope of aktivity for whole Czechoslovak federative republic
  • from the year 1996 is by fishery school founded Higher specialized school of water management and ecology – studies are inteded for graduates from secondary schools with school leaving exam and takes three years

SRŠ Vodňany is the only school both in Czech republic as well as internationally, where specialization fishery is being tought.

During its history the school has more than 2600 graduates.

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