Based on resolution of Southbohemian region from 27th February 2014 number 47/2014/ZK-9 was founded non profit organization Regional school economy České Budějovice, U Zimního stadionu 1952/2. Into this organization, which started its aktivity 1st July 2014, was incorporated property of School forest district Hůrky, school forest district Vimperk and School fishery Protivín.


Purpose of foundation of non profit organization

Regional school economy ensures in school forest district and school fishery practical education of pupils and students in area of fishery and forestry according to school education programmes and creates conditions for interest specialized activity of pupils, students and pedagogical workers. In practice it means ensuring education spaces in buildings, forest cover and ponds of KŠH, personnel and materiál service for practical education.

Geomorphological spread out of ponds from Southbohemian pelvics untill foothills of Šumava (300 – 500 m above sea) and forests from Southbohemian pelvics untill Boubín highlands – Šumava (370 – 1000 m above sea) requires with respect to climate conditions different kinds of farming. This facti s for practical education very positive and has influence on subsequent employment of graduates in practice.

Supplementary subject of aktivity is forestry, fishery, game economy in a custody properties and operation of associated wood production. Forest cover of school forest district are plentifully used to active rest of citizens from near vilages and cities. There are established educational paths here.

Basic data about organization

Currently Regional school economy manages 236 ponds with total area 1434 ha. Ponds are in area between Písek mountains, Šumava and pelvic of České Budějovice. There are spread out in four districts (Písek, Strakonice, Prachatice and České Budějovice) and 1400 ha of forest soil. Forest cover of forest district Hůrky are near city Písek and forest cover of forest district Vimperk are spread out near city Vimperk.

Organizational arrangement

Regional school economy is segmented into center of forest production Hůrky with forest parts Hůrky, Vimperk and part of associated wood production Hůrky. Fishery is segmented into three production centers – Netolice, Protivín and Strakonice with fish tanks in Hrbov, Čejetice and Kestřany. From organizational point of view, all four production centers have production and economic authonomy. Headquartes of KŠH is in Protivín, Masaryk´s square 12.

Among other subjects of activity belongs sport fishing, conducting of hunting, pheasantry and ensuring of local and international freight and personal transport.

Mission of organization

Regional school economy ensures practical education and specialized training of pupils and students in area of fishery and forestry. Facilities of ponds and fishery operation for education of fishery is provided to Secondary fishery school and Higher specialized school of water management and ecology in Vodňany, facilities for education of forestry is provided to Higher specialized school of forestry and Secondary forestry school of Bedřich Schwarzenberg in Písek.

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